06/01/2013 at 1st and Grand, has such an awesome menu, I almost wish I lived in Grand Junction. Self described as a "Bait Shop"-- Uncle Nub's Bayou Grill & Brew   is anything but that, serving up some of the most unique, down home catfish, BBQ, wings and burgers you'll find this side of the Rockies.

I opted for the cousin Joey's Smoke Pit Burger, one of the Cousin Billy's Original 1/2 lb. Bacon Pork Belly Burgers. There wasn't a lot of explanation about the what was in them, but these bad boys were tasty. The patty had a nice Cajun seasoning and this particular burger was piled high with smoked pulled pork , cheddar cheese, onion strings, chipotle bbq sauce and pickles. Even the pickles were top notch, and I don't normally like pickles.

At the suggestion of our waiter, we tried the hush puppies as our side. If you haven't had great hush puppies in a while, I suggest you try Nub's version- deep fried, crispy , moist and full of flavor.

Let me warn you, these burgers are big- I could only finish half. The other half was a tasty late night snack later that evening.

In addition to the great menu, they carry a nice selection of beer and ales on tap- including some local and national favorites. Happy hour starts at 3:00 p.m., and tap beer is $1.00 off.

Whether you choose the Uncle Nub's nicely appointed dining room or the shady patio, be sure to visit this Rocky mountain surprise next time you're in Grand Junction and treat yourself to a great meal.



If you don't know about the transformation happening Downtown, go to Commonwealth at 6th and Fremont, have a drink and take it all in. It's like being at the beginning of something that is bound to be great.



"A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperateact alone, solve equations, analyze a new problems, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects."
-The character Lazarus Long, in Time Enough for Love by Robert A. Heinlein.


Happy New Year!



Las Vegas- The Howard Stern Show ...I'm surprised Howard hasn't figured out the perfect way to play this whole talent show thing.

Here's my idea:

After the judges place their votes, a remote camera cuts away to Howard and Beth in bed, watching the show. Howard has final say as to who moves on. With total veto and goofing power, he'll be a ratings grabber for whoever signs him. Ten percent, please...



Las Vegas- Target Focus Training...Tim Larkin shows you how to survive "the most critical five seconds of your life". His training program, available live and via DVD, will teach you the three things you'll need to deal with any real situation- what true violence is, how to use the immutable laws of nature in your favor and the proper mind set needed to pull it all together. The training contains the big three- it is practical, simple and highly effective. In over 40 years of martial arts and close quarter combatives training, this is the first time I've seen this type information available to the general public. Front Site has a special arrangement with Tim that makes it easy to get this Real Deal.



Las Vegas-Summerlin- Tivoli Village- Radio City Pizzeria... I was there Thursday night, drinking a 50 cent Pabst Blue Ribbon, waiting for my first Radio City Pizza- Hoping, beyond all hope, that this new pizza joint would make a transplanted Native New Yorker proud. Then the owner, Elias, an affable young man, assured me he makes the dough himself. That's when I started to worry. I've tried making a New York Style dough here in Vegas, and I can assure you, it is no easy task.

In any fine pizza, the dough makes the crust and the crust is what makes or breaks a place. Here, Elias misses almost completely. The reason I say almost, is that he did get the look right. But his crust lacks the complexity of a crusty, chewy, crispy, air bubbled nook and cranny type crust that is essential in capturing the New York pizzeria style. His sauce is tasty, his toppings high quality, but he needs to rethink his dough strategy. Frankly, the dough I buy at Trader Joe's is better than Radio City's and I'd be willing to do a taste test challenge with Elias to prove it.

Thursday night also marked the filming of their first TV commercial- looks like yours truly may be included in the footage. I like these guys. I want them to do well. But until they change the dough recipe, just remember... I never signed a release...


Las Vegas- Moe Bertran performs David Pumo's production of " Love Scenes" at the Onyx Theater in the Commercial Center on East Sahara this week. The award winning, one-man show plays this Thursday thru Saturday. Voted "Best of Fringe" at the San Francisco Fringe Festival.



Las Vegas- Calling all Chinese food fans! What Chinese delivery restaurant rates our REAL coverage? (vote here)



Las Vegas-Looks like a survival expo is coming to Las Vegas this year in the spring.

SURVIVAL EXPO LAS VEGAS™ plans to showcase some of the best resources available to ensure your family is prepared for any disaster,man-made or natural. The expo will include exhibitors, demonstrations and breakout sessions on essential survival skills, supplies and techniques. (more info)