At last, we have great doughnuts in Summerlin! Pinkbox uses art and care to craft doughnuts that will blow your mind. Real fruit in the filled doughnuts, heavenly light raised glazed, sublime 'Apple Pie' fritters and something called a 'Fat Elvis'... I don't even want to get into it- just try one.

BTW, when you order doughnuts, think of that 'soup Nazi' Seinfeld episode. Although Lance and the staff have all the patience in the world, the people waiting in line might not appreciate your fumbling. Step up, indicate how many and make your selections with authority! OR "NO DOUGHNUTS FOR YOU!"

Here's my perfect Dozen:

2 Raised

2 Glazed

2 Filled

2 Fritters

2 Cake

2 Specialty

Joy, in a pink box, for $10 bucks!

Dee's Donuts & Pastry

7531 West Lake Mead #2008 (next to Northside Nathan's)

Las Vegas, NV 89128

702.478.7465 (PINK)



You can also try Dee's Donuts & Pastry- Dee's blueberry cake donuts are worth the ride.


Dee's Donuts & Pastry

4135 South Buffalo Drive ( at Flamingo)

Las Vegas, NV 89147



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