Real Disappointing


New York Chinese

9430 W Lake Mead Blvd #1.

Las Vegas,  NV 89134

I'm from New York, and not upstate either. I'm from the city and I assure you, this is not even Cleveland Chinese. The egg rolls appeared microwaved, the wonton soup,bland, the pork Lo Mein, overdone, the shrimp fried rice, tasteless and the beef with garlic sauce, although spicy, didn't taste like beef or garlic or anything. Don't even bother! (03/11)


Ciao Ciao

4460 South Durango

Las Vegas, NV  89147

A lifeless, flat, tasteless crust, flat sauce, no balance pie. Not redeemed by their sandwiches either, which use the same crust to make a dull , lifeless, flat sandwich. Overbearing service. Good house salad, so there may be hope, but I'll call it the long shot of 2009. Best thing about the experience was the look on the waiter's face when we told him we wanted nothing wrapped to take home.(6/09)



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