Real Mexican

Been looking for it, asking everyone, tracking down promising leads...only to be disappointed. No luck yet on finding that the Mexican restaurant that fits with the intent of We're still looking.

But if you just can't wait and need to get some real, fresh and tasty Mexican food, try Baja Fresh ( multiple locations). They specialize the freshest grilled Mexican favorites served in "bright, clean environments".   04/20/2007

Viva Mercado's

"We have enjoyed the food at a small family restaurant “Viva Mercado” formally at Jones and Flamingo but now in a new, larger location on the west side of Rainbow immediately south of Spring Mountain. The new location didn’t lose the friendly atmosphere and good Mexican food enjoyed previously. The owner is hands on all day, and the staff is very efficient. The evening meals are made even more enjoyable by a strolling guitarist and singer “Tito.” We have been faithful customers for 8 years and I recommend anyone try this place, but come early for dinner, after about 6pm the wait is 30 minutes." 

Rich Braverman

Las Vegas, NV


Well, we tried Viva Mercado's last night, and Rich is spot on- this is not your typical Vegas Mexican offering. The menu is extensive and has some items I have never seen before. It took me over 15 minutes to decide what to order. Thank you , Rich, for bringing this little gem to our attention .11/13/07


3553 South Rainbow Blvd.( at Spring Mountain)

Las Vegas, NV 89101



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