Real Pizza

Upper Crust Pizza's secret is that they ship in their dough from Boston, their hometown. Their first location*, located in the Village Center across from the Summerlin Library, serves pizza and subs, but the focus is clearly on the pizza. The imported dough certainly makes a difference, producing a light, thin pizza that the family says "can't be replicated with the available ingredients here in Las Vegas". (04/10)  

Be sure to check their website and the store often, as Joe and Dena are adding some food specials not to be missed. (12/10)


Upper Crust Pizza
1910 Village Center Circle #6
Las Vegas, NV 89134

Dine in - Take out - Delivery
Mon-Sat 11:00am-9:00pm


*The first location used to be called " EAST COAST PIZZA " Dena and family are back making sure they turn out a quality product again. Welcome back!(01/07)


Real Surprise

I found a pizza parlor in the most unlikely of places, hidden on the third floor of the newly opened Cosmopolitan Hotel. Surprisingly good, solid, New York-style pizza. Good luck finding the place, as it is hidden next to the sushi bar at the end of an long hallway, near the pool table, with no identifying signs of any kind. Weird and worth a try. (12//10)


Best Bet: Make friends with Dena, Joe and the staff at Upper Crust, they'll treat you like family. Hands down, the best east coast style pizza in Las Vegas!

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