Real Places Out of Town

Denver, Colorado- Patsy's Italian Restuarant

If you want to know how good this place is, I was recently in Denver for two weeks and I ate here 5 times. It would have been more, but my girlfriend does not like Italian food ( can you believe that?)

Patsy's is Denver Oldest Italian resurant and well work a try the next time you're in Denver.(05/22/2013)


Denver, Colorado- Paisano Sausage Company

If their dry sausage is any indication of the rest of their products, I'll have to try everything on the menu. They do not have a store, but they do have an small shop where you can walk in and buy their stuff right there!(05/29/2013)

Paisano Sausage Company

7326 North Washington Street

Denver ,Colorado 80229



Grand Junction, Colorado- Uncle Nub's Bait Shop

Uncle Nub's Bayou Grill & Brew at 1st and Grand, has such an awesome menu, I almost wish I lived in Grand Junction. Self described as a "Bait Shop"-- Uncle Nub's Bayou Grill & Brew   is anything but that, serving up some of the most unique, down-home catfish, BBQ, wings and burgers you'll find this side of the Rockies.

I opted for the cousin Joey's Smoke Pit Burger, one of the Cousin Billy's Original 1/2 lb. Bacon Pork Belly Burgers. There wasn't a lot of explanation about the what was in them, but these bad boys were tasty. The patty had a nice Cajun seasoning and this particular burger was piled high with smoked pulled pork , cheddar cheese, onion strings, chipotle bbq sauce and pickles. This gave me the opportunity to not only try the burger, but the pulled pork and the crispy fried onion straws as well.

When ever you have this much flavor on a bun, you normally start losing synergy. Not with this burger, each of the flavors held up. The unique flavor of the pork and beef patty, the subtle but evident Cajun spices, the perfect balance between sweet and savory in the pulled pork and the crunchy zing of the onion strings should make this the first burger you try at Nub's. You'll get a good idea of what they do well. Even the pickles were top notch, and I don't normally like pickles.

At the suggestion of our waiter, Cousin Michael ( seems we all Cousins, 'ccording to Nub), we tried the hush puppies for our side. If you haven't had great hush puppies in a while, I suggest you try Nub's version- deep fried, crispy outside, moist inside and full of flavor.

Let me warn you, these burgers are big- I could only finish half. The other half was a tasty late night snack later that evening.

In addition to the great menu, they carry a nice selection of beer and ales on tap- including some local and national favorites. Happy hour starts at 3:00 p.m. and tap beer is $1.00 off.

Whether you choose the Uncle Nub's nicely appointed dining room or the shady patio ( dog friendly patio), be sure to visit this Rocky Mountain surprise next time you're in Grand Junction and treat yourself to a 'real' great meal.(06/01/2013)


Houston- River Oaks - Marfreless

Pay attention as you make your way down Peden Street or you stand a good chance of missing this nondescript quiet place, whose unmarked blue door in no way anticipates the lounge inside. Marfreless fosters a romantic setting that makes it a favorite for loving couples looking for a quiet table where they can make small talk, nurse a few glasses of wine, and listen to soft classical music. (6/19/2010)


2006 Peden St.
Houston, TX  77019

(713) 528-0083